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Dating with HIV is a great challenge. If you are living with HIV, you’ll find that most people will avoid you, even close family and friends. This is mostly because they are misinformed and experience irrational fear of the virus. When you tell someone who you are interested in about your infection, they will most likely reject you and will not want to date you. This should, however, not discourage you because there is a solution.

HIV Dating on Meet Positives

Because uninfected people will not want to date HIV positive singles, the best solution is to be around people who share your situation. Being around people who live with HIV will allow you to be yourself. You can also learn a lot from other people’s stories and the information they have. is an online STD dating site that offers HIV positive singles a platform to share information and be in a community. You will build your confidence and outlook on life once you interact with people who understand your situation.

Benefits of Being on Meet Positives

HIV positive singles can enjoy a number of benefits when they become members of Meet Positives. One of the biggest benefits is finding a community that will teach you how to live a better life with HIV. The main goal of is to provide a platform for HIV positive singles to find love.


HIV can affect anyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, culture or race. HIV can take a while to display symptoms and develop into AIDS. This is the main reason why most people do not know they are infected. HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids and sexual intercourse is one of the key methods of transmission. Since the symptoms do not show immediately after transmission, a single HIV carrier can infect a number of people without knowing it. People who engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners are at a greater risk.

There are over 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States. Unfortunately, 1 in 8 people are unaware of their positive status. Gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with other men are at a higher risk of getting HIV. Medical science has not come up with a cure for HIV, but there are antiretroviral drugs that help suppress the symptoms and keep the virus inactive. A person living with HIV can have a normal and happy life. The secret is to follow the treatment plan and take all the prescribed medications.

If you are living with HIV, you will find thousands of other HIV positive singles looking for a mate. Join and meet other interesting HIV positive singles.

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