Safe Connect: Move the conversation offline, anonymously!

What is Safe Connect?

Safe Connect is an innovative feature on designed to enhance the privacy and security of its members while they connect with potential matches. This feature generates a fake number that members can use to text and send images, providing an additional layer of anonymity and safety. Safe Connect ensures that users can interact comfortably and securely without revealing their real phone numbers until they feel ready.

Key Features of Safe Connect:

  • Fake Number Generation: When you activate Safe Connect, a unique fake number is generated for you. This number can be used for texting and sending images, keeping your real phone number private.

  • Texting and Image Sharing: Safe Connect allows you to text and share images with other members through the fake number. This helps you communicate freely and securely without exposing your personal contact details.

  • Easy Deletion: You have full control over your Safe Connect number. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or simply want to stop communicating with someone, you can delete the fake number. This action immediately terminates all communication through that number, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

  • Anonymity and Security: Safe Connect adds an extra layer of security by keeping your real phone number hidden. This feature is particularly useful for initial interactions, helping you build trust and feel safe while getting to know someone.

How to Use Safe Connect:

  1. Activate Safe Connect: Log in to your account and navigate to the Safe Connect feature. Follow the prompts to generate your fake number.

  2. Start Communicating: Use the generated fake number to text and send images to other members. All messages and images sent through this number will be routed through the Safe Connect system, keeping your real number private.

  3. Manage Your Number: At any time, you can choose to delete your Safe Connect number. This action will instantly stop all communications through that number and remove it from your account.

Upgrading to Safe Connect

Upgrading to Safe Connect on is a straightforward process that enhances your privacy and security while communicating with other members. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Go to the Upgrade Page: Log in to your account and navigate to the upgrade page.

  2. Select Safe Connect: Choose the Safe Connect feature from the available upgrade options.

  3. Upgrade Your Membership: Complete the membership upgrade process to gain access to Safe Connect.

  4. Enter Your Mobile Number: Once your membership is upgraded, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number.

After these steps, you will be ready to use Safe Connect. When you are ready to move the conversation offline, you can share your Safe Connect number with other members. All SMS messages sent and received will go through this number, concealing your real mobile number and ensuring your privacy.

Benefits of Safe Connect:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Protect your real phone number and communicate securely through a generated Safe Connect number.
  • Increased Security: Safeguard your personal information and reduce the risk of unwanted contact.
  • Easy Control: Manage your Safe Connect number with the ability to delete it anytime, instantly stopping all communication through that number.

Upgrade to Safe Connect today and enjoy a safer, more private online dating experience on