Guaranteed Delete

Guaranteed Delete by Meet Positives

Most membership websites of any kind allow their members to delete their profiles but even though the profile appears to have been deleted the reality is very often that it is simply no longer public. Even websites that do physically delete the data cannot always do so immediately – it takes time. Although other website visitors can no longer see the profile in the meantime, should there be a security breach that profile and associated information could be compromised. Security breaches can happen to any website even when the strongest precautions are taken.

This is where’s new Guaranteed Delete service really comes into its own. When a member chooses to delete their profile, they will be offered the option to use Guaranteed Delete for a nominal fee of just $9.95. There is no obligation to use the service but should they choose to accept and make use of it, guarantees that all the member’s sensitive information and any associated images will be completely and securely wiped from the company’s database within 24 hours of the next business day.