Online Safety Tips

Meet Positives is responsible for multiple dates, relationships and marriages. To ensure that Meet Positives is a safe platform for people to meet, we have a fraud prevention team working around the clock. This team’s work is to identify any activity deemed suspicious and investigate it. This is something you will not find in most dating sites.

Meet Positives is in partnership with other security agencies that exist to promote security online. While there are security measures put in place, you will also need to be careful when using Online Dating Websites to ensure that you have a smooth safe experience.

The following are important tips covering some of the security steps you should take online and offline to protect yourself. Take a few minutes to go through these crucial tips.

Finances Protection

When you are using a dating site, you should ignore all requests that involve sending money. This is especially the case when the transaction is overseas or through wire transfer. If someone asks for money, report this incident to us immediately. You will have no protection when you wire money. This is because there is no way the transaction can be reversed and you will have lost your cash.

It is very important that you never disclose any of your financial details. These include things such as credit card number, social security number, or any bank information. This is especially the case when you are dealing with people you have just met. The outcome might be identity theft and other activities that might lead to loss of money.

Protect Your Online and Personal Access Details 

Personal information should remain personal. Do not share information such as your full name, address, phone number or email address. You have the control of your online dating and it is advisable to remain anonymous until you are comfortable enough. Meet Positives provides a platform that allows members to protect their identity until they decide to reveal it through email. It is also important that your profile does not contain any personal information such as contacts.

When you are accessing your account through a shared or a public computer, you need to be careful. Ensure that other people do not see your login details. If you are using a shared computer, disable all the sign-in features and clear the saved passwords.

Keep in mind that Meet Positives does not send emails asking for login details. If you receive such an email, do not respond, report it immediately.


Being Web Wise Will Help

Being web wise will help you avoid suspicious people with unlawful intentions. If someone asks you to act fast or offer tings that are too good to be true or if they ask for your personal details, you should avoid communication with such people. The following are some of the things that should raise a red flag and you should avoid anyone who:

Asks you immediately to communicate outside the dating site through other means
Claims is from the United States but is currently abroad travelling
Asks for financial help
Disappears from the dating site and emerges using a different user name.
Makes major grammar and spelling mistakes
Keeps talking about fate or destiny
Sends emails with links to other websites
Claims to have been widowed recently
Asks for your address claiming to want to send flowers
When you are using a dating website, you should always be cautious and use common sense when you are making decisions. If you notice any suspicious activity, or the other person provides information that seems suspicious, you should stop communicating with that person and report them immediately.


Block Then Report all Suspicious Users

You can use your profile page, IM window or email to anonymously block any suspicious user. It is also important that you report users who violate the terms of use such as,

Asking for donations or money
Minors and married people using the dating platform
Users sending offensive or harassing IMs or emails
Users who behave inappropriately when you meet them
Profiles that have been fraudulently registered
Invitations to click links, spam and any attempts to sell products and services.
Your contribution to keeping Meet Positives safe will benefit you as well as other members with good intentions towards the use of the website.

_____________________OFFLINE ________________________________________

It is always exciting to meet new people but you should always be well prepared and take the following precautions.
Know the other person before the meeting

Meet Positives has technology that allows you to know someone without necessarily disclosing your identity or meeting them. You will however not get criminal records on a user. If you are interested in such information, you can use government and other internet resources, which are easily accessible. You can conduct a background check by simply typing their names into search engines and reviewing all the information that is publicly available. There are also paid services that will provide complete background information that will let you know the person better.

Meet in public places

If you are meeting for the first time, make sure the date is in a public location. Avoid private places or your home. You can meet in public places for a number of dates.

Always stay in the public place

It is not a good idea to go to your date’s apartment or take them to your home. If there is some pressure coming from your date, stop seeing that person.

Inform a friend

Tell a friend or a close family member about your date and where you will be. Keep your mobile phone on and communicate with your friend or family member once in awhile.

Avoid drinking

Drinking might impair your judgment. Keep your mind clear and avoid anything that will lead to decisions you might regret later.

Drive yourself

Driving to and fro the meeting point ensures that you will have control just in case something happens. If you don’t have a car, ensure you have enough money to pay for a taxi.

Keep your personal items close to you

You should be careful to avoid losing your personal items. If you are drinking, keep an eye on what you are drinking because it can be tampered with.
When the date is in a long distance, you need to be extra careful and you should keep the following in mind.

Check into your own hotel and avoid staying in the other person’s home. If you cannot pay for a hotel room, you should not go.
Use a rental car or taxi to move around. Even if the person says they will pick you up, you should not accept this offer. It is advisable not to get into a car with people you do not know.
You should not reveal your hotel location. It is important to keep the hotel you are staying at confidential and your date should respect your privacy.
You should always keep your friends and family in the know of where you are and what you are doing. Tell them the name of the person you are meeting, where you will be staying and when you will be coming back.
Date Safely, and Use Common Sense!