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Our photo posting guidelines

Photo Guidelines

Adding photos to your profile is essential to having a successful experience on Meet Positives: it will help your matches get to know you and will make your profile stand out! Keep in mind we've found that members who post photos are much more likely to receive communication than members who don't.

To keep the Meet Positives community safe and welcoming for everyone, we review all submitted photos before they appear on the site. Here are some guidelines to help you choose great photos for your profile. These guidelines are subject to change, so please refer to this FAQ periodically. Also, this list of guidelines may not be comprehensive. We reserve the right to reject photos for reasons other than the ones below if we encounter a kind of picture we hadn't anticipated.

First, some basic rules:

· Format: Pictures must be in .gif, .jpg, .tif or .bmp formats.

· Size: Photos should be larger than 144*144 pixels and less than 10MB in file size

· Orientation: Photos need to be upright. If you submit a photo that's sideways or upside-down, we'll likely reject it.


Beyond these basics, here are some reasons we'd reject a photo:

• Photo is tilted more than 45 degrees.

• Photo is severely blurry (e.g. facial features are not recognizable).

• Photo is a collage photo (a photo made up of several photos).

• Photo contains personal information (ie: license plates, email or web addresses, visible street address numbers, etc.). No contact information.

• Photo depicts nudity.

• Photo depicts revealing underwear (e.g. a G-string), lingerie, or transparent clothing.

• Photo depicts one or both nipples of a women's breast- even if the person is otherwise fully clothed and no other portion of the breast is displayed. No pasties.

• Photo depicts an offensive body part.

• Tattoo shown in photo contains nudity, names or gang insignia.

• Photo contains gang signs or other imagery associated with gangs such as:

• Hand-signs used by gangs.

• Colors indicating a gang affiliation (i.e. all blue or all red).

• Photo depicts vulgar gestures such as:

• Displaying the middle finger.

• Grabbing their private parts.

• Photo contains imagery associated with discriminatory activity or implies prejudice toward a group of people or ethnicity (e.g. Black panther, Nazi or KKK images).

• Photo contains weapons displayed in a threatening manner (e.g. pointed at the camera, another person, an animal, themselves) or the person in the photo appears to be threatening the viewer or shows aggression.

• Photo depicts illegal activity.

• Photo contains contact or personally identifiable information such as the person's name (e.g. visible on a uniform, name badge, etc.), license plate number, phone number, screen name, or email address, etc.

• Photo depicts a child or children by themselves.

• Celebrity photos in which the member is not present.

• Photo depicts dead animals (except for fish, which are acceptable).

• Photo is a cartoon, painting, artistic rendering or drawing that are not accompanied by a photo caption that claims the item was created by the member.

• Photos with fancy photo-shopped borders (e.g. clouds, hearts, etc.). Plain borders (solid colors, wood grain, etc.) are acceptable. (Words written on a photo is acceptable providing it is NOT offensive (e.g. vulgar, obsence, threatening, or aggressive - "die, scum!" etc.)

• Photos in which the member has photo-shopped their head or face on a superhero body, cartoon, famous person or a model's body.


So you've selected a photo that meets all of the criteria above. We're likely to approve it! Now: here are some tips for choosing photos that really help you put your best foot forward. Think of this as friendly advice.

· Clear Photos. Make sure your photo is clear, not blurry or covered by shadows.

· Close-Up. Make sure the first photo you upload is a close-up or headshot, not a picture taken at a distance.

· Dress for Success. We recommend you dress as you would for your first date.

· Smile! Pose for success as well: upright, smiling, in front of a pleasant view or background! Your matches will be more likely to respond than if you are slouching in a recliner.

· Recent Photo. Your photos should have been taken recently. Posting old high school photos may confuse matches who are trying to get to know you as you are now!

· Professional Photo. We highly recommend posting at least one photo that was taken professionally! Good lighting makes everyone more attractive.

· Photo of Just You. Use a solo shot as your primary photo. Photos of you in a group are great, but they can be confusing to matches sometimes. Make yourself the star in at least one photo.