Need help with your profile?

Welcome to Our MeePositives Profile Help Page

Hy, we’re glad to see you here! We’ll do our best to walk you through the process of making your account and profile personalized as much as you want it to be.

For starters, kindly click your your name on your right side slide or click My Profile on the drop down of the Profile Icon.


Now head to:

  • Profile Headline: This is where you can say something that may describe you in a few words. Kindly say something here for other people to know a little bit about you at a quick glance.

  • Phone: Add Phone Number to receive confirmation code via SMS.

  • About Me: This is where you can write a detailed write up about yourself. Kindly write any details you want to share. It would be great for your visitors to know more about you and start a conversation with you.


To edit your Profile Preferences:

Select the relevant option at the menu below MY PROFILE.

  • To edit your Personal Information, select BASIC INFO. Here you can edit your information about what disease do you have and your match preference. You can also edit your age and age preference, your gender and gender preference, your relationship status and your match’s preference.

  • To edit your personal Appearance Information, select APPEARANCE. Here you can customize your Height, Physical appearance, Eye color, Hair color, and Body type.  Input your relevant information as well as the information about the match you wish to be with.

  • To edit your personal Background Information, select BACKGROUND.  Here you can customize your Ethnicity, Religion, Language, Education, and Political beliefs. Set your information and your preferred information about the match you wish to know.

  • To edit your Lifestyle Information, select Lifestyle. Here you can edit your Occupation, Annual income, Drinking habits (if you are a drinker), Smoking habits (if you are a smoker), Want children (if you desire or not to have one), fill in the Have pets section if you have any pets at home. Input your relevant information as well as the information about the match you wish to be with. After making your changes, click Save.

Extra Tips:

  • On MY BLOG, you can post your stories and let other members learn more about you.

  • On MEMBER COMMENTS, you can see what others commented about you!

  • On MY ACTIVITY, see what you've been up to for the recent days or even months!


To edit your ACCOUNT SETTINGS , Click the Profile icon near the Notification icon then select ACCOUNT on the drop down.


There you'll see your:

  1. LOG IN Settings - if you wish to change your EMAIL and/or PASSWORD. Make sure to make your password and email is protected at all times.

       2. PROFILE Settings - Here you can personalize the privacy of your profile:

  • Make your Profile Discreet - Check the box f you wish to make the photos on profile to be discreet. Your photos can only be viewed by yourself and those whose friend requests you have approved or who have approved a friend request from you after you choose this option.

  • Make your Profile Inactive - Hide profile from search & disable messaging. This option will not cancel your membership.

  • Photo Privacy - If you want to change the settings of your photos.

  • Other Privacy - If you want to change the settings of Online status, Latest activities, and many more.


     After making your changes, click Save.


You can also check additional Profile Options

  • Verify My Photos - Simply upload a photo of you with the letters “MP” on your body or on a sign

  • Feature My Profile - Get the ultimate experience with Safe Connect Plus – plus Video Chat, Private Call & Text, and More Dates.

  • Edit My Profile - If you wish to  add or edit personal information about yourself and the match you are looking for.

  • Edit/Upload My Profile Pictures - Show off your beauty to everyone! Be proud!

  • Upload images to your galleries - Upload your very own photos and personalize your gallery

  • Highlight profile & get featured to stand out - Take the first step, and never have "the talk" again!


3. Notification Settings

  • Accept matches and other information to my email - This option enables or disables Meet Positives matches, newsletters, and other messages to be sent to your email address.

  • Accept On-screen Notifications - This option will enable or disable on-screen notifications (people checking you out, viewing your profile, etc.)

  • Accept SMS Notifications - This option will enable or notifications to your phone.


4. Manage Membership - Here you can easily enhance your Meet Positives experience by upgrading to a featured profile and increase your exposure by 20 times. It's also easy to cancel your membership by following the simple instructions at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, please contact our 24/7/365 Customer Service Center.

  • Get featured on the user home.

  • Get displayed at the top of all search results.

  • Get 20x more profile views.


5. Manage Blocked Users - Here you can see the list of blocked profiles and decide weather you want to unblock a certain person.6. Advanced Message Settings - Here you can send notification to users if they don't match your region, disease, or sexual preference.

7. Email Settings - Here you can edit your meetpositives mailing list.