Herpes Personals

How can I tell my Partner that I have Herpes?

Most infected individuals will find it ethically challenging to live with the disease. The major challenges being how one will open up to others. For the uninfected living with an infected individual, the situation might be more challenging. They will find it burdening trying to have a partner without herpes and the responsibilities that come with protecting them from contracting the infection might be quite difficult to handle.

The infected should immediately tell their partners they have the infection immediately after diagnosis. The virus in its early stages is quite difficult to notice but the infected individual’s partner will definitely know during an outbreak as the genital area might have blisters and painful sores. Doctors will advise abstinence during outbreaks as the sores produce fluids that have the virus and can easily affect the partner if their sexual organs come in contact with the fluid. Most infected individuals on fear of rejection will conceal existence of the disease from their partners and might possibly engage in sexual activities with their partners.

Others might begin holding back from their partners. This is not good as their partners might also have the disease. According to recent research done in the United States, one in five adults is infected with the herpes virus. The infected partner might conceal and their partner might have had the disease before them. Letting the potential partner know that one has herpes will get the load of having to fear from their back, in terms of dating the potential partner can review the possibility of dating an infected person and if they find it impossible they can always leave. Uninfected individuals might find it impossible to date an infected individual which is understandable because they will be afraid of contraction and the constant burden of having to worry during outbreaks and avoiding the person infected with herpes personals.

Letting the potential partner know of the situation early enough is also good as procrastinating on opening up might be bad and the two might develop emotional feelings for each other. The uninfected should not feel burdened with having to date an infected individual because they have known each other for quite some time. Letting them know early enough will enable them analyze the situation and if they choose to stay, it will be solely on them. The two can understand each other and also letting them know of the medication is important for the uninfected to have a clear understanding of when they should abstain from sex and when they can actually engage.

Meet Positives is a dating site that gone far and beyond to simplify the dating process for infected people. They can efficiently date other infected members without having to worry of possible infection. The site members are all infected and they understand the condition and chances of discrimination are zero. The first date the two will spend time getting to know and understand each other and understanding their conditions better. They will also explain to each other what virus strand they are infected with whether it is herpes HSV-1 or herpes HSV-2.

Taking care of yourself is important to ensure the outbreaks are reduced. Uninfected individuals should help the infected get through the outbreaks which will be beneficial to both of them.