Alternative Home Remedies for Cold Sore

Natural Ways to Prevent a Cold Sore

Cold sores affect millions of people around the world because of the increasing ways by which potent viruses are able to spread from person to person. As caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), finding treatments for cold sores is far from straightforward. Cold sores, also called “fever blisters” or “mouth herpes,” begin to show up as red and sore blisters, and eventually cuts, on the mouth or on the genitals. These two parts of the body are the most commonly affected areas by cold sores, due to the fact that the Herpes Simplex Virus exists in two forms: HSV-1 and HSV-2. These two variations target only the mouth and the genitals.

image of cold sore on mouthThe Herpes Simplex Virus is transferred through body fluids, which makes kissing, sharing utensils and glasses, razors and shavers, and getting in contact with body sweat of an infected person, perfect ground touchpoints of the virus being passed on to another person. The vulnerabilities are endless and it’s getting more difficult to avoid the virus these days. Even if you’ve been making sure you only use your own utensils, shavers and razors, and you’ve been increasingly more vigilant with being in close contact with people you do not know, many times getting herpes is unavoidable. When the virus strikes you, it is important that you know of the ways by which you can treat it. You can always resort to creams, ointments, or pills; but, did you know the best ways to treat herpes can be found right under your nose—right inside your kitchen? For one, these natural treatments are not only more affordable; these also prove to be more effective in the long run.

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We now give you three natural treatments you can resort to when herpes strikes:

1. Got milk?

Just like the world-famous advertisement, milk is a very powerful herpes- buster. Apply to the affected area using a cotton, let it sit for 2-3 minutes, then repeat the process. When you do this treatment every day, your body builds up alkaline which makes it way easier for the virus to go away.

2. Licorice that makes kids happy.

Back in your childhood days, do you remember those times when you walk into a store, find these long black twists, only to find they’re not really that sweet? Now as a grown-up, you now know this is not candy at all; it is the licorice root, one of the most powerful herbs used in Chinese medicine. Licorice is not only used for herpes, it is also used for the treatment of diabetes, heart abnormalities, and general malaise. You can use licorice extracts or powder to apply to the affected area. This mixture can help out in getting rid of toxins in your body. Drinking licorice as tea helps, too!


This one shouldn’t be too surprising. With its amazing antibiotic properties, peroxide cleans out a sore and helps it heal faster than most methods. This works especially well if the sore has started to bleed. Apply the peroxide every 2-3 hours and watch it disappear.

4. Garlic.

Garlic: not only is Dracula afraid of it. Used in many recipes around the world, garlic can be very helpful in getting rid of the dreaded herpes virus. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that contribute to a better environment for your body, something that any virus would want to leave immediately. Crush a clove, then rub on the affected area. You should do this every day so you get to max out the benefits.

5. Peppermint Oil.

The antiviral powers of peppermint oil makes for a much more pleasant smelling solution. Apply the oil to your sore 3 times a day for instant relief and no cold sore. Plus, a really lovely smell under your nose all day long

6. Tea Tree Oil

There are few things tea tree oil CAN’T do. The antibacterial healing properties of this oil are renown, and it’s guaranteed to dry up and banish your cold sore within a day – if you apply it throughout the day and before you go to bed, that is. Diligence is the key to defeating cold sores, friends.

The antiviral powers of peppermint oil makes for a much more pleasant smelling solution. Apply the oil to your sore 3 times a day for instant relief and no cold sore. Plus, a really lovely smell under your nose all day long

7. Vanilla

One of the easiest remedies is probably in your pantry right now: vanilla. Vanilla extract is one of the easiest remedies to get a hold of, plus the extract is known for its powerful medicinal purposes. Vanilla is high in alcohol levels, which means it’s hard for a sore to survive and thrive when confronted with vanilla. Use 4-5 times a day for a quick-healing sore.


Too simple, you say? Well, it may not have miracle properties like the other entries on this list, but it is the easiest of them all. Who doesn’t have ice (or at least a tray to make some ice) hanging out in the freezer? And if you don’t, it’s super cheap to buy at the store.

Apply ice on the sore throughout the day, especially when the sore first begins. The cooling of the ice can take away the swelling and pain on you lip, helping you resist the urge to pick at the sore and worsen the situation.

Treating herpes shouldn’t be as difficult as you think. There are now many affordable and natural ways to treat it, and these treatment agents you can even find at home. Natural treatment is always the best!