Herpes STD

Unsafe Sex: What are the Common Type of Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Despite the regular and consistent reminder of the grave consequences of having unprotected sex, people are still getting engrossed in unsafe sex practices with partners they know nothing about. This makes the individual prone to contracting a sexually transmitted disease such as genital herpes STD or other serious sexually transmitted disease. Herpes is contagious and infection with the herpes simplex virus might lead to very painful and uncomfortable outbreaks.

The disease gets inside the body through tiny breaks in the skin or mucous membrane in the genital areas. Sexual intercourse is the easiest method of transmitting the disease from an individual to the other. It is also possible to get the virus through oral sex. There exist two types of the herpes virus; the HSV-1 that causes oral herpes and HSV-2 that causes genital herpes. Genital herpes is more contagious and has stigma from the uninfected surrounding it unlike oral herpes which causes painful sores on the mouth region that might spread to the nose.

Genital herpes STD can be transmitted in the absence of an active outbreak unlike the normal perception that infected individuals can have sex with their uninfected partners without transmitting the disease. During sex, there is exchange of genital fluids and once an uninfected member gets in contact with the fluid from an infected individual they will definitely contract the virus. It is advised to practice safe sex to avoid the transmission.

A couple can use condoms during their sexual encounters to make sure the infected does not transmit the disease. Doctors will advice on abstinence during outbreaks as the sore might form around the genital area and even if the couple uses a condom, they might still contract the virus from the open sores that are around the infected individual’s genital organs.

During the first stage after transmission, many individuals infect their partners as the disease is very difficult to notice in its initial stages. After transmission the virus remains in dormant state in the individual body and transmission can be easy as one would not really know they have the virus. Individuals with a vibrant sex life are advised to go for regular checkups to ensure they are safe from the virus. If one is infected, they can begin educating themselves with facts about the disease before the first outbreak.

Abstinence is the best prevention from the virus; an uninfected person can stick to abstinence to make sure they don’t contract the virus. Genital herpes is common all over the world with the ever rising number of infected individual as the disease is very difficult to notice in its early stages. Information on the facts that surround the disease can be found on online websites.

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