Traveling Tips for Your First Escape

Traveling to meet someone? Get the most out of your trip by keeping up your health. Booking a hotel, planning your itinerary, and packing your suitcase are a few things to add to your list, but don’t forget that the comforter on that full sized bed might not be as clean as your own. Your health is arguably the most important and under looked aspect of your vacation. To stay safe and healthy, follow these three traveling tips ahead of time.

First Appeared in  How to Stay Safe & Healthy While Traveling
1. Call your Doctor
If you are traveling across seas, you are going to need your vaccination history. Call your physician for a quick exchange of information. Ask about immunization and even pay a visit to your local health clinic. Find out what diseases, spots, and stomach aches you can avoid with a simple shot. The last thing you will want to do is come down with a fever while you were supposed to be enjoying yourself. Depending on where you go, you may need to update your tetanus, hepatitis, and other immunities.

2. Pack Wisely
It can be a good idea to bring your own pillow when hotel cleanliness is in question. Similarly, bringing antibacterial soap, personal shower items, and towels can prevent potential illness. Depending on where you are traveling – bottled water could also be a life saver. Bring protection if STD’s are a concern. Look at airline requirements for bringing prescription medications, liquids, and other necessary health items. Make sure your phone service covers the area you are traveling to – bring a charging cord in case you need to make a call to your health insurance.

3. Prepare Yourself
When you go on vacation the purpose usually includes indulging on some of your favorites – cuisine, tanning, travel excursions. However, it’s important to remember that if your body isn’t used to doing these activities, you may need to slow some of those things down. You can also get yourself in shape ahead of time to enjoy those entertainments more thoroughly.

Follow these tips to get the most out of travelling. Explore new areas, meet new people, and build new relationships. Whether it’s across the country or across the world, remember to take care of yourself. Feel secure at the beach, in the night life, and with the people around you. Enjoy your vacation the right way – safe, healthy, and happy.