Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): What to Know

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) Causes and Symptoms

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are usually referred to some common diseases. These health problems are usually transmitted from other people via sexual contact. There are more than 20 STIs that can be found today and affect more than 100 million men and women today. Some of them can cause dangerous health problems in most patients. However, people shouldn’t worry about these health issues. Most of them are treatable. There are some great treatments that can be used to treat these problems. This article has some important information about these STIs and their treatments.

What are STI’s?

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STIs are actually infections that can be transferred from one individual to another one. Some of them are harmless, so people don’t have to think about these diseases. Some other STIs are very painful, debilitating, irritating, and also life threatening. You are not alone!

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What Can Cause STIs?

These infections can be caused by many factors, such as bacteria and viruses. These microorganisms grow well in moist and warm environments within the human body.

How do STIs Usually Spread?

11120Most infections are spread via fluid transfer during any sexual activities. Some STIs can also be transferred via infected blood. Some infections can be passed between people who share their infected needles with other people. In some cases, the STIs can be transferred from the mother to her child during nursing, childbirth, or pregnancy. However, most STIs cannot be transmitted via casual contact with the patients.

What are Symptoms of STIs?

a. Unusual odor or discharge from the private area
b. Pain around the pelvic area
c. Painful groin (area around the genital)
d. Burning feeling around the genital areas
e. Bleeding from the sensitive skin
f. Penile drip
g. Some blisters, sores, or bumps near mouth, rectum, or genitals
h. Burning sensation during urination
i. Frequent urination
j. and some other symptoms

Who is at Risk for These STIs?

These infections can affect all men and women with any backgrounds or economic levels. They can be suffered by many people who are involved in some unhealthy sexual activities. There are some studies showing that the prevalence of STIs is found to be higher in most teenagers or young adults. They usually have multiple partners in their lifetime, so they are more susceptible to these STIs than other adults. These infections are also very common for most drug users with dirty needles.

How Can Doctors Diagnose These Infections?

Most STIs can be detected via several examinations or tests by professional doctors. They have some methods that are proven to be very effective to diagnose some of these STIs.

Some Common Types of STIs

1. Chlamydia

This is one of the most common STIs that can be caused by bacteria infection. This situation can affect more than 5 million people every year. There is no noticeable symptom that can be suffered by the patients. However, some people may feel painful sensation during their urination. Some people have mild pain on their low abdominal area. This situation can be treated with antibiotic.

2. Gonorrhea

This is another common STI that people can suffer these days. Painful urination and warm discharge are two most common symptoms of this situation. This infection is also caused by bacteria. When people are suffering from this situation, they have to take antibacterial medication.

3. Syphilis

This situation can be life-threatening when it is not treated properly. It can be spread via non-sexual contact, especially from some sores. Painless open sore is the most common symptom from this infection. This sore usually occurs around the genital areas, mouth, hands, and some other body organs. When this situation is not solved immediately, it may cause other health problems, such as meningitis and stroke. Penicillin can be a great solution for people who are suffering from this health problem.

4. Genital Herpes

Many people are suffering from this STI. This infection is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and 2 (HSV 1 and HSV 2). This health problem can be spread via skin to skin contact with the infected person. There is no effective cure for this situation. However, people can take some antiviral drugs for reducing the symptoms of this problem.

5. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

This situation is caused by the HIV. This is an incurable STI that is very common in many people these days. The HIV attacks the body’s immune system. It is usually transmitted via sexual activities and needle use. The virus can remain inactive for years without causing any problems. Once the immune system drops, people are going to have some health problems in the future. Antiviral drugs can be great options for people who want to treat some symptoms of this situation.

6. Hepatitis B

This is another viral STI that can be caused by the hepatitis virus. This virus attacks the human liver. There are some symptoms that may occur in people with this situation, including liver cancer, cirrhosis, liver failure, and some other liver problems. There is no possible cure for hepatitis B. Some doctors only give medications to reduce the symptoms related with this situation.

7. Genital Warts

Some people are suffering from this infection. It is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It can cause painless warts that can grow on the genital areas. These warts can be removed by using some minor surgical procedures, such as laser, freezing, and also chemicals.

8. Trichomoniasis

This infection usually affects young women. There is no noticeable symptom from this disease. Some women may have bad odors from their genital areas. Most doctors usually prescribe antibiotics for people who are suffering from this health problem.

How Can People Prevent STIs?


1. Avoid sexual contact with any infected people
2. Have monogamous sexual relationship
3. Limit the partners throughout your life
4. Use condom consistently
5. Use clean needles regularly

Can STIs Cause Other Health Problems?

Some STIs can enter the human body and cause some health problems. They can cause pelvic inflammatory disease that is related with ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Some other STis can also trigger the development of cancer cells in some patients.

What Should I Do to Deal with STIs While I’m Pregnant?

It is very important to visit the doctor immediately. These doctors should give proper medications for treating any STIs during pregnancy. These infections can affect the baby’s health when they occur during pregnancy. Therefore, this situation should be treated immediately and instantly.

Can I Get This Infection Via Open Mouth Kissing?

This type of kissing is considered as the low risk thing for the transfer of some STIs. However, some kissing types may rupture the lips or mouth structure. The virus or bacteria can be passed to the uninfected people easily. The CDC recommends all people to avoid open mouth kissing with any infected people.

Should I check for STIs?

There are some STI tests that are available in some local hospitals. These tests are recommended for people who have high risk activity. Contact your personal doctor to ask about these tests. It is recommended to have these tests regularly to avoid any problems in the future.

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