Herpes Relationships

How to Have A Fulfilling Relationship with Herpes

Individual’s diagnosed with herpes might find it quite impossible to date as the condition is humiliating and frightening. This is normal for all sexually transmitted diseases. Opening up to one’s partner and those around might also prove challenging as the herpes infection is surrounded by stigma from the uninfected. This makes dating and dealing with herpes a difficult experience for the infected.

happy-coupleIt is however important to note that one in five individuals in the United States is infected with herpes with an approximate of 70% of these unaware of their condition. Herpes infection in its early stages might be impossible to note if not diagnosed by a doctor. The herpes causing virus known as herpes simplex virus remains in dormant state in the individual’s body until a possible outbreak. It is advised for an infected to open up to their partners as they might also be infected with herpes.

An infected individual can go about their normal dating endeavors with the disease and in case a potential partner is identified, possible approach will go as planned. Infection with herpes is not the end of the world as the infected can go about their normal life; dating included. The infected should maintain their self-confidence and try as much as possible to have all the relevant information that surrounds the infection. Assuming that a possible partner will reject an infected individual on approach might prove wrong as the possible partner might also be infected or they might be comfortable dating if the necessary precautions are followed.

Meet Positives, which is an online dating site, has information on possible medications that can be used to suppress outbreaks and hence reduce chances of transmission. Valtrex, which is a prescribed medication for infected people, in a recent study, has proved to reduce shedding by 45-50%. In a relationship with an uninfected person, precaution such as use of condom is necessary to ensure the uninfected doesn’t contract the virus from the open sores. The symptoms can be treated but herpes as a disease is incurable and as much as the symptoms can be controlled, if the couple engages in sexual intercourse, the uninfected might contract the virus.

In case an infected individual finds first hand face to face dating impossible, they can consider online dating sites, such as Meet Positives, where infected members meet and interact. Such sites have a proper bonding platform where individuals can meet without possible fear of rejection. Most infected people dating uninfected partners have complained that the disease becomes an obsession and pretty much a burden for their partners. The online sites are convenient as the infected individual will have no fear of transmitting the disease to their partners since all the members are infected.

Unlike other sites, Meet Positives members are active, friendly and welcoming and the infected will have a relaxed feeling as they can find a suitable partner with similar preferences from the group for possible dating. The site has a user friendly interface and members with profiles are in control of what will be displayed on their profiles enhancing privacy and making dating and dealing with herpes easy.