Genital Herpes Symptoms: Men

Herpes Symptoms In Men, and what you need to know about the virus.

There are some differences in the herpes (HSV) symptoms experienced by men and women. While oral and genital herpes are often viewed very differently by society, the symptoms themselves are very similar.  It is only the location where the blisters present that is different. The herpes virus causes outbreaks in similar sequence and with similar symptoms that occur roughly around the same point in both infections. In both cases, outbreaks are accompanied by fatigue, unexplained muscle aches, and constant fever. Before an outbreak, men will also experience a uncomfortable tingling sensation, itching and burning in the groin region or on the genitals.  This is followed by the formation of ulcers and blisters around the parts that itched. The sores will be very uncomfortable and painful.  While there is no cure for herpes, the herpes symptoms in men can be treated with proper medical prescriptions or herbal medications and an adjustment in the individual’s diet. The healing time span is almost the same between oral and genital herpes and normally takes around ten days.

The virus responsible for oral herpes HSV-1, and that responsible for genital herpes HSV-2, are 98% identical at molecular level, hence the similarity. Transmission of the two different viruses is similar as in both cases one can easily contract herpes from an infected person.  The HSV-1 virus is transmitted through mouth fluids such as saliva. (The virus can also be carried on someone’s hands and transmitted from there to the mouth or face.) HSV-2 on the other hand is generally transmitted during sexual intercourse. Unlike HSV-1 which can easily be passed if someone gets in contact with an infected person’s saliva on any given surface, HSV-2 is transmitted through cuts or opening on the individual. As far as herpes symptoms in men go, men with the HSV-1 virus will show very similar symptoms of the infection as the men with HSV-2.

Despite the differences between the two viruses, the manner in which they affect the host is similar. Infection is possible during the contagious stage of the infection known as the outbreak stage. The stage comes about when the virus begins to replicate itself in the host’s body. The replication can be triggered by a variety of factors. Stress is a major cause of outbreaks as it weakens the immune system and makes the virus reactivate and the symptoms begin showing again.

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The two viruses have very similar symptoms, but of all the symptoms the major aspect that stands out is the fact that despite treatments, the disease is incurable. An infected individual should, however, be hopeful as the near identical nature of the HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus is also good news. Breakthroughs made on one of the virus in terms of treatment can be employed in finding a cure for the other virus. Meet Positives Blog has a variety of information on other herpes symptoms in men infected with herpes. Knowledge of the symptoms and timing of possible outbreaks is important as it can help men live more comfortable lives and make necessary adjustments to their lifestyles.