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Traveling Tips for Your First Escape

Traveling to meet someone? Get the most out of your trip by keeping up your health. Booking a hotel, planning your itinerary, and packing your suitcase are a few things to add to your list, but don’t forget that the comforter on that full sized bed might not be as clean as your own. Your health is arguably the most important and under looked aspect of your vacation. To stay safe and healthy, follow these three traveling tips ahead of


Newly Diagnosed With Herpes

Living With Herpes and Dating Again Herpes dating sites are increasing in popularity as people consider various way to deal with the challenges of dating with herpes.  A variety of articles have discussed the unique issues and obstacles people who are been recently diagnosed with herpes face and many of them encourage considering herpes dating sites.  The advice in these articles can be useful for people getting ready to get back into dating after having been diagnosed with herpes. As